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Boundary condition

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Limited edition of 45 [detail #1] [detail #2] [detail #3]
[Hexodus] [untitled] [Rose pen] [untitled] [Turtle eclipse] [Searveillance] [untitled] [untitled] [Spark of an idea] [Flight of fancy] [Boundary condition] [Aerofoil] [untitled] [untitled] [untitled] [Sister chromatid] [Passion flower] [Merge of convenience] [Redox potential] [Flow betide] [Degrees of freedom] [Stake out] [Eye of the beholder] [untitled] [untitled] [Congression] [untitled] [Pythagorean comma] [Optical allusion] [Surface tension] [untitled] [Law of mass action] [untitled] [Omega loop] [Exit lounge] [Rainblow]