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fingers & tongues

fingers & tongues is a collection of erotic short stories by Paola Kathuria.

When you read erotica, do you skip forward to the sex bits?

Do you get frustrated when the sex then gets interrupted by dialogue?

Do you enjoy sexually-explicit material that depicts women's pleasure?

At last, smart erotica with men and women as sexual collaborators.

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  • appealing equally to men and women
  • strong female characters
  • a focus on the delight in giving pleasure
  • descriptive but brief story introductions
  • uninterrupted explicit sexual descriptions
  • strong stories that can be enjoyed over and over
  • well-written and with proper editing

fingers & tongues by Paola Kathuria
104 pages, 111mm x 181mm

Editor: Tashery Shannon
Copy Editors: Sally Salvati & Frank Wales
Designer: Paola Kathuria
Published by Limitless Innovations, 31 Oct 2014

Paperback ISBN: 978-09929985-0-9
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9929985-1-6


Reaching for the Moon: A female/male fantasy told by one woman to another, followed by a scene between the two women.

The Cinema: A woman has an encounter with male strangers in a public place.

The Train: An accidental touch during the morning commute inspires a fantasy.

The Chair: A couple make love.

The Dream: A fantasy focussing on a young woman.

A Very English Supper: A woman, a man, a sausage, beans and mash!

Old Friends: A woman with two older male friends visiting London.


Paola reads the beginnings of the first two stories (no sex):


The editing and first printing of the book was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2014.