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pet names

eniac mailing list / September 1989
By Paola Kathuria

There's a big discussion on an hp-internal newsgroup as to what to name your pets. People are suggesting "Fluffy & [...]

Hah! A coupla months ago a notice went up on the general notice board at the office asking for suggestions for names for the company's new barcode gun and cradle. Apparently, the company always had product names which include 'zen'. For example, Gunzen and Morzen.

Me and Frank [waves] thought up the name Fluffy. This was taken from Barcode READER --> fast breeder --> rabbit --> Fluffy. Other suggestions which were ignored were 'IBM PC AT' and 'The Barcode Gun and Cradle'.

Joe "I have a dog named Pestilence" T

Hmmph. I'm gonna call me dog 'Woof!'. I just hope that I don't lose it and have to call for it.

Alternatively, I have considered 'my mother's coat' as a name for a pet.


"Ohmygod, my mother's coat has been run over!"

"It's time to feed my mother's coat"

"My mother's coat has just taken a fancy to a kitchen table leg"

Talking of mcdonald's burgers. Since I became a vegetable I have had to make do with Wimpy's beanburgers. I used to adore BigMacs because of all the gunge (pickles, mayonnaise, salad etc etc) but Spicy Beanburgers come with cheese and tomatoes [gak]. No one will make me up a burger with the gunge because "it's a set menu' [cry].

Has anyone else tried the strawberry Ribena? It's wonderful.

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