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RCL 40

EditorsWlodek Mier-Jedzrejowicz, Mark Power & Bruce Horrocks
Dimensions14.8cm x 21cm (A5)

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RCL 40: Recollection, Reinvention & HP Calculators celebrates 40 years of HPCC, the Handheld and Portable Computer Club (formerly PPC-UK), and was produced in time for the HPCC 2022 40th Anniversary Conference.


Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz
Mark Power
Bruce Horrocks



Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz

William C. Wickes
The Naissance of the 3rd Generation

Jim Donnelly
My Walk Along the Hall of Fame

Chuck McCord
Single Chip Series 10

Cyrille de Brébisson
My Memories of the HP12C

Gene Wright
HP-20B / HP-30B / HP-40B

Marc Staps
How HPCC Helped Me

Richard J. Nelson
How User Groups Influenced Hewlett-Packard

Dejan Ristanović
Friendly Competition

Mark Power
A Journey With Programmable Calculators

Edward Shore
My Experience with the HP 41C

Digital Archeology

Dave Hicks
The Museum of HP Calculators

Jake Schwartz
Archiving the HP Handhelds User Groups

Eric Rechlin

Warren Furlow

A. R. Duell
Reverse Engineering & Repairing Handheld & Desktop Calculators

The Calculators That Wouldn't Die

Mark Power
Forty Years of the HP-41

Steen Petersen
The Story of The HEPAX Module

Meindert Kuipers

Diego Díaz
About Clonix and NoVRAMs

Monte Dalrymple
Creating the 41CL Calculator

Ángel M. Martin
Next Generation Modules for the HP-41 Platform

Mark A. Fleming
Multimod Project

Jean-François Garnier
HP-IL and Me


Christoph Gießelink
25 Years of Calculator Emulators

Bruce Horrocks

Claudio Lapilli
NewRPL – A New Version of a Classic

Walter Bonin
A Little History of WP Calculators