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Web site

I have had a personal web site since 1994. I've redesigned it many times over the years.

I redesigned and rebuilt this version from scratch in Drupal 7 in 2019.

have moved will move my jewellery shop to a different domain.

In this site, I have expanded the work area, improving all the case studies. I have also added albums of my best photos and imported my blog posts and comments from WordPress.

Web site size

  • 87 projects in 33 work categories for 43 clients in 23 industries
  • 26 pieces of writing in 6 categories
  • 200 jewellery items
  • 56 pictures of digital art
  • 353 photos in 7 albums
  • 51 decorative items in 10 collections
  • 71 blog posts
  • 11 standard web pages

Total: 844 web pages