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Go North

My 7-yr old neighbour just spent some time wandering around our lounge, exploring.

He found the electric floor-sweeper and spent 5 minutes cleaning my floor.

We found out that it spits out dirt if it flips upside down but Marcus found a way of twirling the stick as he cleaned it all back up.

He asked to have it when I was done with it.

He found Frank's leather tray for odds-and-ends and asked what it was while he undid and redid the poppers.

I said it was for Frank to chuck in his keys and stuff when he comes home. I explained how he'd take his coat off and throw his keys in, using my keys as an example.

Marcus emptied the tray and, pretending to be Frank, walked past and threw the keys in.

He asked about my key-ring which has a compass. I demonstrated, saying that if someone went walking and got lost, they'd use it to find out where North was and they'd go there.

"Does Frank go north?" asks Marcus.

"Does Frank go north? Let's ask." I move to the bottom of the stairs.

"FRANK!" I yell upstairs, "DO YOU GO NORTH?"

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