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The obsoleted Poot 2000

I came across the following exchange when clearing out some files.

It's a series of messages sent via with someone I used to chat with online.

I kept the messages because I thought they were hilarious. I still do.

I wonder what James Sparshott is up to now.

Go North

My 7-yr old neighbour just spent some time wandering around our lounge, exploring.

He found the electric floor-sweeper and spent 5 minutes cleaning my floor.

We found out that it spits out dirt if it flips upside down but Marcus found a way of twirling the stick as he cleaned it all back up.

He asked to have it when I was done with it.

Meeting unreal people

In July, the BBC morning news programme did a short feature on Facebook.

A psychologist was concerned that people were spending time in a compelling "virtual world" rather than interacting with people in the "real" world.

Frank taped the segment for me to see how long it'd take before I started shouting at the TV.

La la la!

I was playing with a 7-yr old neighbour on my front lawn one summery day, making origami animals, when he noticed my bare ankle.

"You have to shave your legs," he said.

The next American President

I found the addictive via OpenID. Registered users post any claim that other users can vote and comment on. I thought Jyte had great potential to explore people's attitudes.

I had a question I sometimes ask at dinner parties and thought that Jyte was a good place to ask a wider audience: What order would these be accepted as the American President: a black man, a white woman, a Jewish man, a homosexual man?

After a couple of days, I was surprised to the see the votes regarding claims regarding Jewish people. Read on for the results after 88 votes.