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Ode to an old coat

I keep thinking about a coat that I didn't win on eBay.

It was second-hand; it wouldn't have kept me warm, it needed repairs and would likely not have fit me but I still tried to snipe it for £100 even though I need a new mobile and a new camera, not an old coat.

Do you ever see something and think "that is so me - they made it for me"?

As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to have it.

It was described as a 1920s/1930s embroidered coat.

Measurements were given of arms and across the back but I really had no clue what size it was.

Although I've lost just over 60 lbs this year, I still have more weight to lose; I'm 5'2" and didn't even know if the coat would fit.

But I still wanted it, especially when I saw the close-up photos.

Flowers on black, pinks and blues, embroidery and detail. Heaven!

Also, rose, fuchsias and then I noticed the butterflies!

But there was some damage to the lining.

I also realised that, if it did fit me, I could only ever black with it (or pink or blue). Anything else would look crazy. I decided I could live with this limitation.

The starting price was £80 (about $128). It was a high start price - the seller only sold antiques and had 100% feedback. I figured that they must know the coat's value.

I set up a snipe for just over £100. I couldn't really afford this luxury - I really do need a new mobile phone and a new camera - but I wasn't sure I'd get another chance to own anything like it.

I imagined what the expert would say if this coat appeared on Antiques Roadshow. I couldn't imagine them valuing it for £100.

Every day, I looked at the listing in my snipe window and mentally gnashed my knuckles. Could I really justify the expense?

I wasn't at my computer to see the auction end and my automatic bid placed.

The auction got 9 bids by 4 bidders and sold for £139.37. It was more than I would have been willing to pay. I'm glad I didn't bid more but am sorry that I didn't get the coat.

Now I just think about it, holding it and revelling in its detailed glory. And back to searching for phones and cameras...

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12 November 2008

The word play in the shape of the coat is really beautiful.

I get that feeling when you think something was made for you, but if it was meant to be, you would have it, which mean something better is waiting around the corner, it just hasn't found you yet.

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