Client Information System

Develop tools and document user-interface standards for a company system.


Paola worked with other staff on a client information system for Exchange Traded Products. Besides developing the front-end with Omnis and Transact SQL stored procedures, she was responsible for defining and specifying the underlying structures of the system including customisable settings, generic windows and the user-interface standards.

Paola was solely responsible for developing several Omnis/Sybase utilities:

  • a code management utility that allowed Sybase objects to be created and maintained in Omnis then downloaded to Sybase as required
  • a set-up utility that was used to create Omnis files of the same structure as Sybase tables, checking table and attribute name lengths against corporate standards and allowing test data to be stored and downloaded

She developed Unix shell scripts to load and unload test data, to create test tables, and to run Transact SQL scripts against the Sybase database.

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