Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races web site

Create a brand web site for a racing event.

Client of Limitless
Cutty Sark Tall Ships'Races (1997, Wayback Machine)

Paola worked with Denison Design to create the official web site for the Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races, a Berry Bros & Rudd company.

She selected what copy to use on the site, wrote the home page text, researched links for the links page, scanned pictures and animated the route map. Paola dispersed the pictures around the site when marking up the pages.

The site made use of LML, Limitless's extended mark-up language; LML allows a single marked-up page to be created but which appears in multiple forms when requested by the visitor's browser, depending on whether it recognises TABLEs or animated GIFs (recent additions to the HTML specification at that time).

Using LML this way kept costs down for the client - it eliminated the need for multiple versions of pages - whilst maximising the number of people who could use the site as intended.

Denison Design based the design on Cutty Sark's brand manuals and created a site with a nautical feel.

The home page buttons were in the form of set of sails, and an animated graphic was created for each section in the style of a porthole.

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