oed.com web site

Design and build the oed.com web site.

Client of Limitless
Oxford English Dictionary (2000, Wayback Machine)

She helped plan the site and then worked closely with the site's graphic designers, Denison Design, to create the web graphics.

Paola created the site's pages in the form of templates and provided CGI scripts for the online forms. OUP added final copy to the pages and maintained the site themselves.

Paola managed the project to design and build the the OED marketing web site prior to the launch of OED Online. The site provided general information about the dictionary to promote the online version.

A prototype version of OED 2 had been based at www.oed.com and was receiving a lot of traffic. It was already planned to discontinue the prototype but Oxford University Press realised that they could use the address to publish information about the OED and gather information from visitors about an online service through an online questionnaire.


Limitless took over the oed.com domain and then began work with Denison Design to design and build the OED marketing web site.

Paola ran the project, working closely with the graphic designers.


The design brief was to use the existing Oxford brand of Times Roman typeface, navy, dark red and cream. Denison presented several design routes; OUP chose a home page similar to style to the cover of the printed OED.

Denison developed a button style in which typographical marks were used as section icons. Buttons changed from blue to green when you were in one of the sections.


The web site was to be maintained by OUP staff and so the design had to be straight-forward; no new graphics were required if OUP added sub-sections to the site.

Changes and new pages were uploaded to a restricted-access development server for testing before being made live.

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