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Right hand, meet the left hand

CEEFAX, the BBC’s teletext service, today has a news story about hospital closures before a story about building new hospitals. I’m not sure what’s worse to explain what’s happening with hospitals here - incompetence or a scam.

Doubts over future of hospitals

At least 10 major hospitals in England face potential closure or a downgraded role.

Talks are underway about removing emergency care from hospitals in [various counties].

The sites will either close or be left to handle basic care, with "super" regional centres seeing the most ill.

NHS bosses say the measures are aimed at reducing deficits and treating more patients in the community.

Full story @ BBC

Go-ahead for £1.5bn health plans

New hospitals will be built as health projects worth £1.5bn go ahead under the private finance initiative (PFI).

Six new hospitals will open in England from 2010. […] New A&E departments are cancer facilities are also planned.

Critics of the PFI say it is burdening the NHS with costs and threatens existing services and departments.

However, Health Minister Andy Burnham said a review of all the new schemes showed they were value for money.

Full story @ BBC

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