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Value truth and accuracy

Naomi Wolf, speaking on the "Do We Need Feminism" panel with Karen Straughan (Girl Writes What) and Antigone Darling at the Liberty Forum annual conference in February 2014.

It's so important for citizens to act as journalists in a time when the Police State is cracking down on us.

The obsoleted Poot 2000

I came across the following exchange when clearing out some files.

It's a series of messages sent via with someone I used to chat with online.

I kept the messages because I thought they were hilarious. I still do.

I wonder what James Sparshott is up to now.

Ramblings of a Bad Fairy

Catching up on my RSS feeds yesterday evening, I noticed an unusual flurry of posts from the blog Ramblings of a Bad Fairy.

The Bad Fairy (BF) started her blog in March this year. She had been diagnosed in June 2009 with secondary breast cancer in her liver. That was when she first found out that she had breast cancer. There were also possible tumours on her lungs. She was 40.