Moorfields web site redesign

Design, build and document a web site redesign.

Client of Limitless
Moorfields Eye Hospital (1999, Wayback Machine)

Paola met with Moorfields to discuss and agree the requirements of the new web site and a new site structure was developed. It included much more patient information and information about individual consultants.

She worked closely with Denison Design, who created the visual style of the new site and produced the site graphics. Denison devised an eye shape for section graphics, which were colour-coded.

The section colour was repeated in the other navigational elements, in the page heading and on the contents page.

Paola created templates using a Perl script to process the course registration form on the site. Course information was edited by a separate delimited text file and without needing to know any HTML or editing any web pages.

Maintenance manual & style guide

After the new site had been completed, Paola prepared a 17-page maintenance manual and style guide.

The style guide detailed the page layout and illustrated how tables were used to create pages. It also gave step-by-step instructions for regular changes such as adding new pages and updating the online course form.

Moorfields continued to expand their web site since and it was redesigned three years later.

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