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Addicted to sneezing

I have an addictive personality (and I am also a completist). I don't know whether I am hard-wired this way or whether I was dropped on my head when I was a baby. Whichever, it makes for an, umm, interesting life.

My latest addiction is keeping an online food diary. And it's working; I'm losing weight. Finally, a healthy addiction!

When I find something new that fires up my addiction, I have an intense frenzy of activity.

Here are some of the Internety things I have become addicted to, and in more or less the order they happened:

e-mail: when I met Frank

Usenet: discussions and socialising

IRC: chat

nethack: a terminal-based (text characters) dungeons and dragons game chat

selling on eBay: documenting page hits daily to determine patterns and reviewing number of watchers on an item

Visit detail: for my company and personal web sites - pages displayed per visit

Flickr: reload the page of recent activity on my photos (I now get this by RSS)

Jyte: I used this continuously for several days and wrote about the experience

Second Life: chat and making my avatars lovely

Askville: reviewing answers to my questions (I left after a couple of weeks)

Facebook: reading friend status messages (I now get these by RSS) researching Frank's family tree over the xmas holiday, once staying up 30 hours

FoodConfessional: documenting what I eat

Wordle: reading, categorising and making them | Jul 2008

Oh, and making lists.

  • You
  • can
  • never
  • have
  • too
  • many
  • lists

And, because I am a completist, I will be updating this with more things as I remember them.

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27 November 2011

You may have an extremely mild form of autism, such as asperges. Many people have it and are never diagnosed. I believe I may as well.

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