Gemstone lariat of the sun, moon and planets



The beads in this longer lariat necklace represent the sun, our moon and planets in our solar system using semi-precious gemstone beads.

The beads have have been chosen which closely represent the planet colours and, to some degree, the relative sizes.

The main beads are separated by tiny matte black glass beads and each one represents 10 million miles to reflect the actual distances from the sun (although the planets are not to scale with respect to these in-between beads).

Sun, 8mm faceted citrine

Mercury, 2mm hematite

Venus, 4mm honey jade

Earth, 4mm denim lapis

Moon, 2mm sterling silver

Mars, 3mm goldstone

Jupiter, 8mm red malachite

Saturn, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm sequins

Uranus, 6mm blue onyx

Neptune, 6mm turquoise howlite

Turquoise beads of various shapes and sizes are at the centre and ends of the lariat.