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Development timeline

I wondered what a timeline might look like of all the development languages and frameworks I'd learnt and used over the years!

- = months   + = years   repeated skill

BASIC BSc Psychology +
COBOL MSc Computing Science ----
Pascal MSc Computing Science --
Fortran MSc Computing Science --
6502 Assembler MSc Computing Science --
ECSL MSc Computing Science --
Simon MSc Computing Science --
Prolog MSc Computing Science --
dBASE III MSc placement ------
Fred (Framework) MSc placement ------
DGraph MSc placement ------
Turbo Pascal DPhil Applied Computing to Psychology +
C Zengrange +
SQL Zengrange *
Sea-Change Grep +
Sybase Grep +
SQL Grep +
FoxBASE+ South Bank Polytechnic ---------
Omnis 7 JP Morgan -----
Sybase JP Morgan -----
Transact SQL JP Morgan -----
Omnis 7 Consensus Information Technology ---
Informix Consensus Information Technology ---
MS SQL Server Consensus Information Technology ---
Omnis 7 Seagram Distillers +--
Sybase Seagram Distillers +--
SQL Seagram Distillers +--
Omnis 7 ArcGlade +++++
Microsoft Index Server Limitless +
LML (Limitless Mark-up Language) Limitless +++++
Drupal 4.7 Limitless Innovations +++++
PHP Limitless Innovations decades
LML Limitless Innovations decades
Drupal 6, 7, 8 Limitless Innovations decades
MySQL Limitless Innovations decades
PHP Limitless Innovations decades

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