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October 1994
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tez@tezboyes.demon.co.uk "Terrance Richard Boyes" writes:
> [...] what else is .local meant to be about, if not to ramble on
> about anything you, and a few other people, feel like.

Well, indeed. What I find quite delightful is the way someone will foolishly post an innocent and reasonable question which will then generate a thread and mutate quite quickly into something completely different.

For example:

Poster A: My daughter just broke her leg and we're waiting for the ambulance. Should we use a wood splint?

Poster B: How did she break her leg?

Poster C: Woodn't she get a splinter? Hah hah.

Poster D: I broke my leg when I was skiing in '78.

Poster E: skiings for poof's!!!

Poster D: Hey, are you calling me a poof?

Poster E: how olds you're daughter? i'll come round and sort her out if you like.

Poster F: Sorry, I've been a away for a week. Try shelving wrapped with torn-up sheets.

Poster D: We used to sneak out from the dorm by clambering down tied sheets.

Poster G: You had dorms at a ski resort?

Poster H: They had dorms at the Butlins I stayed at when I was a lad.

Poster I: Butlins! Good grief, that takes me back. Bet you don't remember the Butlin's song: [there then follows 6 verses of the Butlin's song]. I typed that from memory. It's been 30 years - not bad eh?

Poster G: The Wombles were better.

Poster B: The Wombles are sad.

Poster G: No they weren't! Take that back, jerk!

[and so on]